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FLOODING UPDATE: 7/30/17 @ 10:30 a.m.


Flooding Update
7/30/201 @ 10:30 a.m.

With water receded in most areas, DOH crews are now able to assess damage to roadways and bridges. Maintenance crews will be focusing on clearing slides and downed trees.
Below are the routes that may remain closed, partially closed, or heavily damaged by high water. Those who live in the flood impacted areas are urged to use caution when traveling. Any major issues should be reported to your local county office of emergency management.

Doddridge County
  • CR 24, Kights Fork Road, road washed out
  • CR 24/3, Pinch Gut Hollow Road, road washed out

Harrison County
  • CR 8/2, Brice Road, one mile from Pine Bluff Road road washed out

Marion County
  • CR 60, Vinegar Hill closed
  • CR 60 near Bentons Ferry Bridge, slide still impacting roadway
  • CR 9/2 pipe washed out

Monongalia County
  • CR 51, Saltlick Road
  • CR 11,Wadestown Road
  • CR 14, Wadestown Road
  • CR 66/7, Kaintown Road
  • CR 52/7, Pleasantdale Road, slip in roadway
  • CR 39/1, Blacks Run

Ohio County
  • CR 25, Peters Run, from US 40 to Browns Run

Preston County
  • CR 106, Bucklick Road, closed due to culvert washout
  • CR 92/22, Eby
  • CR 59, Campground Road, washed out

Taylor County
  • CR 12, Tucker Run Road at MM 2.95, culvert washed out
  • CR 76 at MM 3.6
  • CR 73/73

Tucker County
  • CR 14, Lime Hollow Road, washed out

Wetzel County
  • WV 20 between North Fork and Fallen Timber