DMV services are available:

ONLINE - You can skip the trip and complete your transaction right now.

KIOSK - You can complete a transaction while you shop at these locations, some (but not all) are open 24/7.

PHONE: (304) 558-3900 - If you don’t have an internet connection some online transactions may be completed over the phone (Warning, call volumes may be high).

MAIL - Yes you can complete many transactions by mailing in the appropriate forms to the DMV.

REGIONAL OFFICE BY APPOINTMENT - This is a new service offered to keep you from waiting at the DMV. It is fast, convenient and safe in the time of COVID. It is our preferred method to serve you and the most popular choice for customers so make your appointment soon because spots fill up fast.

REGIONAL OFFICE BY DROP BOX - This is another new service at DMV. You can complete some transactions by dropping the appropriate forms with payment (check, please) at a secure drop box outside one of our 25 Regional Offices. The completed work will be mailed back to you.

REGIONAL OFFICE BY WALK-IN - This is the traditional service at the Regional Office where you can walk-in for any DMV business transaction. Customers are welcome to walk-in, but encouraged to try one of the other 6 methods of receiving service to avoid long lines, wait times, and the potential for a return trip.

Here is a chart that outlines all of DMV's available services and locations.

Please click here for information regarding expiration extensions, and other measures in place to assist customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply for your Commercial Driver’s License HERE.

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