DOH Administrative Operating Procedures

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12General: Uniform Policy
13General: Official Station Assignment
14General: Mechanics Tool Policy
17General: Capitol Complex Parking Lot Administration
18General: Flood/Disaster Emergency Operations Procedures
19General: Microfilming
110General: Acquisition of Office Supplies
111General: Turnpike E-Z Pass System
23Payroll/Personnel: Worker's Compensation
24Payroll/Personnel: Cooperative Employment and Training Programs
25Payroll/Personnel: Exit Survey
26Payroll/Personnel: Disciplinary Action
28Payroll/Personnel: Transfers and Reassignments Ordered by Management
210Payroll/Personnel: Excess Hours
211Payroll/Personnel: Immigration Procedures
212Payroll/Personnel: Temporary Upgrade for Hourly Employees
213Payroll/Personnel: Overtime Classification and Pay
214Payroll/Personnel: Posting and Filing of Job Vacancies
215Payroll/Personnel: Payment of Moving and Temporary Living Expenses
216Payroll/Personnel: Rotation of New Graduate Engineers
218Payroll/Personnel: Taxing Fringe Benefits - Vehicle Use
220Payroll/Personnel: Return to Work/Accommodation Policy
221Payroll/Personnel: Pay Plan Policy
32Accounting: Accounts Structuring & Reference Charts
33Accounting: Authorizations for Sales to Outside Agencies and to Employees
34Accounting: Miscellaneous Rates
35Accounting: Reimbursable Authorizations
36Accounting: Accounts Receivable
37Accounting: Reimbursable Claims
38Accounting: Escrow Accounts
39Accounting: Sales to Employees
310Accounting: Construction Engineering Costs
311Accounting: Tax Release
312Accounting: Expenditure on Take-Up (Closed) Federal-Aid Projects
313Accounting: Invoice Processing for Interim Leases
314Accounting: Special Hauling Permits
315Finance and Administration: Treasury Offset Program
42Equipment: Administration of Highways' Transportation Vehicles
43Equipment: Equipment Operational Review Committee
44Equipment: Reclassification of Fleet Equipment
45Equipment: Assignment of Repair Responsibilities
46Equipment: Equipment Repair Parts Numbering System
47Equipment: Leak Detection for Underground Storage Tank (UST) System
49Equipment: Equipment Operators Training Academy
410Equipment: Equipment Rental/Private Sector
411Equipment: Accounting For Buildings and Grounds
52Highway Operations: Introduction to Highway Operations
53Highway Operations: Roadway Feature Inventory
54Highway Operations: Allocation Subsystems
55Highway Operations: Maintenance Performance Standards
56Highway Operations: Maintenance Plan
57Highway Operations: Maintenance Schedules
58Highway Operations: Maintenance Management Control Reports
59Highway Operations: Maintenance Expenditure Reports
510Highway Operations: Quality Assurance of Materials Received
511Highway Operations: Materials Purchasing - Contract Administration
512Highway Operations: Accounting for Buildings and Grounds
513Highway Operations: Fuel and Lube Inventory
514Highway Operations: Scheduled Overtime Worked/Emergency
515Highway Operations: Core Maintenance Plans
516Condition Assessment Procedure

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