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Design Submissions

West Virginia Division of Highways and Department of Transportation employees were given the opportunity to play a role in establishing the memorial by submitting concepts and designs. The Fallen Worker Memorial Committee received 20 designs from employees around the state.

The concept selected to be the inspiration for the final memorial design was submitted by Marshall Snyder, District 7 Bridge Inspector.


Vandalia Bronze was awarded the contract for the memorial sculpture.

We would like to thank all of our employees who submitted sketches and design ideas!

Debbie Amos - Equal Employment Opportunity Division

Brian Chapman - Planning Division Visualization Unit

Gordon Cook - Human Resources Division

Mike Daley & Delbert Bunner - District 3

Daniel Hull - Transportation Engineering Technician

Sandra Keller - Information Services

Ed Lemley - District 3 Disforce

Jeffrey Light - District Seven

Jason Mundell - District 9

Planning Unit Employee

​​Natasha White - Human Resources Division​​