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Policies, Strategies, and Trade-offs

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Policies, Strategies, and Trade-offs - Updated on July 07,​ 2021

  • Polices, Strategies, and Trade-offs consider the differences between future transportation revenues and multimodal investment priorities to help WVDOT use existing and new tools to address current and future needs.

    The WVDOT 2050 LRTP team conducted a trade-off analysis that identifies the most critical policies, programs, and actions to meet West Virginia’s transportation goals in a cost efficient and equitable approach. This approach also prioritized strategies and actions to create a pipeline of priorities for consideration in future funding programs. Lastly, the approach compared performance outcomes in order to determine revenue needs to meet performance goals


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Policies and strategies were developed across five portfolios representing the 2050 LRTP goals and WVDOT priorities. Within each of these portfolios: Preservation, Performance, Innovation, Diversify, and Access, 25 unique strategies were developed to help organize potential implementation actions for WVDOT and partners. Ultimately the 25 strategies were summarized into 23 strategies and detailed across 62 actions presented in the Implementation Plan. The five portfolio fact sheets posted below present information on each portfolio and review of strategy alignment with goals, performance impact, readiness, and resilience.​