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Preliminary Engineering

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The Preliminary Engineering Unit of the Project Development section provides varied engineering and related services to other sections of the Program Planning and Administration Division, other divisions within the Division of Highways (DOH) and, on occasion, to the West Virginia Legislature, other state and local entities and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  The services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance of regional and statewide needs studies
  • Administration of major corridor location studies performed by consulting engineering firms
  • Analysis of proposed industrial or commercial access roads in cooperation with the West Virginia Development Office
  • Evaluation and preparation of cost estimates for highway projects to be included in short-range and long-range improvement programs
  • Overseeing and maintaining the Coal Resource Transportation System (CRTS) database of roads on the state highway system, assisting the public in applying for a road to be included in the network, and answering any questions relating to the transportation of coal on West Virginia highways
  • Coordination with other DOH divisions in advancing major highway projects beyond the corridor location phase
  • Provision of cost estimates and other pertinent data to members of the West Virginia Legislature relative to projects affecting their constituents​
  • Response to local governmental agencies, planning and development councils or individual requests for localized highway improvements
  • Preparation or supplying of cost data for studies required by FHWA, such as the APD Cost Estimate, which is undertaken periodically at the direction of FHWA to determine the cost to complete the Appalachian Development Highway System in various states.

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