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Programming Division Contacts

The Programming Division acts as the HUB for the programming and funding of all the Department of Highways projects including State, Federal, Bond, Emergency and Other funded projects. We are liaisons between the various development divisions, districts, Federal Highways, the keepers of the Project Tracking System (or the HUB replacement), and the coordinators of the Federal and State STIPs and the MPO TIPs to maintain data accuracy across the lifecycle of the projects.

Director Kenneth Given Kenneth.T.Given@wv.gov​
Assistant Director Joe Weiskircher Joseph.J.Weiskircher@wv.gov

Project Programing Section
Programming & Authorizing projects Brandy Patterson Brandy.N.Patterson@wv.gov
State/Other Funding Unit Kimi Carroll Kimilen.Carroll@wv.gov
Federal Funding Unit Matt Johnson Matthew.R.Johnson@wv.gov
Contract Compliance unit Mary Rabel Mary.L.Rabel@wv.gov
Robin Goff Robin.G.Goff@wv.gov
Dana Nicholson Dana.L.Nicholson@wv.gov

Program Oversight Section
STIP, Supervising project data once programmed Tressie Lopez Tressie.A.Lopez@wv.gov
Federal STIP Ken Given Kenneth.T.Given@wv.gov
Federal STIP
State STIP Cheri Moffatt Cheri.A.Moffatt@wv.gov
Regionals Elizabeth Lilly Elizabeth.A.Lilly@wv.gov
Sarah Taylor Sarah.S.Taylor@wv.gov
Mitzi Mayville Mitzi.S.Mayville@wv.gov
BF-98 log Doug Brown ​​​​​Douglas.C.Brown@wv.gov
Reports Janet Ebarb Janet.M.Ebarb@wv.gov

Program Administration Unit Personnel, scanning, filing, etc
                                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Lane              Crystal.M.Lane@wv.gov
Administrative Services Assistant Vacant Vacant
Office Assistant Vacant Vacant