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WV Transportation

WV Transportation

WV Department of Transportation

State Highway System

The Division of Highways plans, designs, builds and maintains the state highway system. To be sure the more than 34,000 miles of state roads are safe and operate at peak efficiency, the DOH performs many functions, such as highway research, traffic regulation, right-of-way acquisition, safety and weight enforcement, and dissemination of highway information.

Maintaining and improving the state highway system is the DOH’s top priority. 

In 2003, the DOH Highway Construction Program:

  • Advertised or authorized 997 projects involving 1,087 miles at a cost of $400 million
  • Resurfaced 849 miles of highway
  • Replaced or renovated 92 bridges
  • Repaired 195 slide sites

The DOH is also responsible for roadside development and outdoor advertising that foster economic growth adjacent to state roads.