Department of Transportation

Locust Creek

The most remote of all of the state’s covered bridges, this 13.5-foot-wide, 113.75-foot-long Warren double-intersection truss near Hillsboro once carried vehicles on Pocahontas County 31.

R.N. Bruce was hired by the county court to build the bridge for $1,250 plus $75 for extra labor on the abutments.  Completed in 1870, the Locust Creek Covered Bridge continued in service for 120 years until it was replaced in 1990 by an adjacent span to carry vehicular traffic.

In November 2001, using special covered bridge funding provided in the TEA-21 federal highway program, a $406,936 renovation contract was awarded to Orders Construction Company, Inc. of St. Albans that included removal of previously installed temporary supports and replacement of all materials necessary to restore it to a single-lane pedestrian structure.