Department of Transportation

Simpson Creek

              A 14.25-foot-wide, 75-foot-long multiple-kingpost truss, this covered bridge built for $1483 by Asa Hugill in 1881 once carried the traffic of Harrison County 24/2 near the northern edge of Bridgeport.

            Washed out by a flood, the structure was transported approximately half a mile below its original site in 1899 to its present setting in a park near Highways’ District Four (Clarksburg-area) headquarters, where it now serves pedestrians.

          Some renovations were done when the Simpson Creek Covered Bridge was damaged by a falling tree, but in 2002, using special covered bridge funding provided in the TEA-21 federal highway grant program, Allegheny Restoration and Builders, Inc. of Morgantown completed a $380,072 contract to replace deteriorated wood in its structure and siding.