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Warranty Contracting

The WVDOH has constructed four warranty resurfacing projects and is constantly looking out for areas and locations where this contracting method is applicable and beneficial to the state.
  1. I79 Warranty MP 15 to Clendenin – Nine Year Warranty Project.

    Currently in its 2nd full year of performance ratings. This project creates various performance measurements that the pavement criteria must meet at the end of each year for a total of nine years paying out bonuses and penalties depending on the results of those ratings.

  2. The Division has also constructed three small warranty resurfacing projects along US 33 in Jackson County between Ripley and Elizabeth. These three projects each consisted of a Three Year warranty that evaluated various pavement management treatments that the department currently uses or is looking into.

Upcoming: The Division is looking at doing another Nine Year Warranty Project along the I79 Corridor. This project will be very similar in size and scope of the one mentioned above.