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*WVDOH is proposing to conduct Statewide Traffic Control Device Maintenance Program using ID/IQ.

The State of West Virginia has had a long history providing preventative and emergency maintenance efforts for the 1400+ traffic signals (including 95 traffic signal systems), 60,000+ roadway luminaires, 80+ Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), 100+ Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV), 50+ Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS), as well as 900+ Guide Sign Structures statewide. Additionally the WVDOH Traffic Engineering Division provides crucial maintenance and traffic engineering operations/design activities for many municipalities statewide that lack the staffing or expertise to perform these services. To this end, the WVDOH has a continuous need for support in preventative and emergency maintenance operations with regard to Intelligent Transportation System’s (ITS) field devices, traffic control devices/systems and appurtenances (traffic signals/roadway lighting stations/systems, sign structures) statewide. The tasks to be performed will include maintenance and or minor modifications to sophisticated traffic control devices including the electrical/software components as well as structure inspection activities.

West Virginia Division of Highways’ (WVDOH) traffic control devices and associated systems must be maintained in a reliable and proper manner to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the State’s damages caused from traffic collusion events, natural transportation system. The WVDOH intends to provide for this maintenance through a general contract with an approved Contractor. The WVDOH intends to provide for this maintenance through a general contract with an approved Contractor. Preventative maintenance and inspections will be performed on a pre-set schedule as to increase the life cycle of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), as well as traffic control devices and appurtenances. This proactive routine maintenance will directly enhance safety measures by effectively minimizing the incidence of malfunctions/failures of these traffic devices. Emergency maintenance relates directly to damages caused from traffic collision events, natural disasters (i.e. storms, high winds, floods, electrical spikes, etc.), vandalism, equipment failure, power blackouts, roadway construction/maintenance programs, etc., and is crucial part of this overall contract.

It is the intent of this contract to provide preventative and emergency maintenance and related traffic engineering operation inspections as a primary support of these functions to the WVDOH and other governmental jurisdictions within the State of West Virginia. This contract will allow the WVDOH to dedicate federal aid to provide resources to perform various preventative and emergency maintenance, and related services to repair and maintain the State’s traffic control devices/systems (traffic signal/roadway lighting systems etc., ITS devices, as well as other applicable appurtenances that are owned and maintained by the WVDOH.

The selected Contractor selected shall be readily available to perform such tasks when requested by the WVDOH. The ability to mobilize quickly and complete maintenance assignments in short timeframes will be seriously evaluated. Response time and overall maintenance capabilities as it relates to preventative and emergency maintenance are critical elements within this contract.

*WVDOH is also proposing and in the early stages of planning of using this method for asphalt resurfacing.