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Contractor Prequalification

Update 11/17/2023: Due to the limited amount of data collected in 2022 and 2023, the West Virginia Division of Highways is extending the implementation of the bonding percentage aspect of the new prequalification system until January 1, 2025.  We will continue to collect data from completed projects throughout 2024.

Update 8/25/2023: Effective immediately, once a contractor or subcontractor has been approved to perform a special provision item, that category of work will be added to the certificate of qualification.  Therefore, contractors and subcontractors will no longer be required to complete a Request to Perform Project Specific Special Provision Item(s) for a special provision/category of work they were approved to perform on a previous project.

In addition, the WVDOH Contractor Prequalification Application has been updated to outline this process along with an appeal process for revocation of prequalification.  

To become prequalified, all contractors, including those performing work as subcontractors, must submit a Contractor Prequalification Application and receive from the West Virginia Division of Highways a Certificate of Contractor Qualification.  Applications will only be accepted by emailing the Contractor Prequalification Application PDF file to or by using the Google form linked below. Any contractor that does not currently hold a Certificate of Qualification dated January 1, 2022, or later, must submit a new Application.​

​​​Change of Information

Should a currently prequalified contractor need to change any of their prequalification information on file with the WVDOH at any time they must submit an application and check the box “Renewal (Revisions)".  Only Part I of the Contractor's Prequalification Statement needs to be completed along with the information the contractor is requesting be updated.​​​

  • If requesting additional categories of work that the contractor has performed in the past, but that are not included on the current Certificate of Qualification, please only check the categories of work being requested and attach a justification for each.  If the contractor has never performed the category of work, they must instead complete a Provisional Category of Work Request.

Provisional Category of Work Request​​​​​

Prequalified contractors may submit a provisional request to add categories of work to their prequalification for a specific project at any time but before any work may be completed.  The contractor may be required to perform the provisional category of work when another contractor who is currently prequalified in ​that category of work is present.  An approved provisional category of work will only be added permanently to a contractor's prequalification when deemed adequately performed by WVDOH personnel.​

Request to Perform Project Specific Special Provision Item(s)​ 

Any project which contains a project specific special provision as noted in the proposal document with an asterisk (*) requires a special request to perform that category of work on the project.  A request must be submitted for each project on which the contractor intends to perform the item of work, unless previously approved and listed on the contractor's current certificate of qualification.​

Please refer to our Standard Specifications and the Instructions in the Contractor Prequalification Application (Fillable PDF form) for additional information.

Important Information: Contractors who have been debarred from bidding on federal aid projects by the Federal Highway Administration will not be permitted to bid on federal aid or non-federal aid projects in West Virginia during the period of debarment even though they may be prequalified.​


Contractor Prequalification Application (Fillable PDF form / Google form)

Request to Perform Project Specific Special Provision Item(s) (Fillable PDF form / Google form)

Provisional Category of Work Request Form (Fillable PDF form / Google form)

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