Department of Transportation

Contractor Prequalification

To become prequalified, a contractor should have a “Certificate of Qualification.” To do this, the contractor must submit a Contractor’s Prequalification Statement (Contract Form PC-421) containing the information required based on the category of project. This may contain financial statements and experience records with detailed information as to available financial resources, equipment and other assets, together with an account of past experience, a record of work completed, personnel of the organization and all other facts called for in the prequalification statement. As deemed necessary, the Director of Construction may also request additional information for consideration in issuing a “Certificate of Qualification.”

Contractors who have been debarred from bidding on federal aid projects by the Federal Highway Administration will not be permitted to bid on federal aid or non-federal aid projects in West Virginia during the period of debarment even though they may be prequalified.

To obtain a Contractor's Prequalification Statement Form, please download the PDF form or contact the Contract Administration Division:

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