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Interstate Exits

Mileposts on the Interstate system indicate the distance from a state's western or southern border.  This information on West Virginia interchanges allows travelers to track their progress and provide their location in the event of emergency by noting the nearest milepost.

Please note that some interchanges are one-way exits or entrances and are marked with direction (e.g. EB for eastbound, NB for northbound, etc.)

Welcome centers and rest areas are included on the list below, with seasonal dump stations (from April to November) marked with an * and year-round dump stations marked **.   All Welcome centers are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

​WB - Westbound ​NB - Northbound
​EB - Eastbound ​SB - Southbound
​N- North ​S - South
​E - East ​W- West
​St. - Street ​Rd. - Road
​Co. - County Road

West Virginia Interstate 64 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 68 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 70 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 470 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 77 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 79 Interchanges

​​West Virginia Interstate 81 Interchanges