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Below is a partial listing of training topics facilitated by the Training & Development Section.  If you are interested in a topic that is not listed here, you may contact any of our trainers to inquire about its availability.

Ethical Intelligence - A Roadmap for Making the Right Decision

Ethical Intelligence Instructor Guide
Ethical Intelligence Participant Guide

Team Work Part I and Part II

Part I Creating An Effective Team Instructor Guide
Part I Creating An Effective Team Participant Guide

Training Module - Team Work Part II

Communicating Effectively in Your Team Instructor Guide Part II
Communicating Effectively in Your Team Participant Guide Part II

On Common Grounds

Instructor Guide
Participant Guide

Arguing to Win

Arguing Constructively Instructor Guide
Arguing Constructively Participant Guide

Successful Negotiation

Successful Negotiation Instructor Guide
Successful Negotiation Participant Guide

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Instructor Guide
Knowledge Management Participant Guide

Communicating with the Public

Communicating with the Public Instructor Guide
Communicating with the Public Participant Guide

Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout Instructor Guide
Beating Burnout Participant Guide

Big Results from Small Groups

Small Groups Instructor Guide
Small Groups Participant Guide

Competency Based Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Sills Instructor Guide
Interviewing Participant Guide

Persuasion: Influencing Others for Effective Change

Persuasion Instructor Guide
Persuasion Participant Guide

Secrets of Body Language: Enhancing Your Nonverbal Communication Skills

Secrets of Body Language Participant Guide

Taming the Dragon

Taming the Dragon Instructor Guide
Taming the Dragon Participant Guide
There are activities and handouts associated with each training module that are not listed here.  If you would like more information on any of these training modules or access to any of these additional materials, you may contact your designated trainer.