Work Zone Safety

In the past five years, a total of 1,794 crashes were reported in West Virginia work zones. Those crashes resulted in a total of 15 fatalities, 509 injuries, and 1,270 reports of personal property damage.

Safety Tips for Drivers 

- Obey the posted speed limit

Stay alert

Put down your phone. It’s the law!

Don’t tailgate. Follow other vehicles at a safe distance.

Expect the unexpected. Workers, vehicles, or equipment may enter your lane without   warning.

Be patient. It takes only an few extra seconds more to travel at the 10-15 mph reduced speed through work zones.


Be sure to check the WV511 Traveler Information System for information on work zones and real-time traffic for information on work zones and real-time traffic alerts.

Visit the DOH Districts page  for information on maintenance work being performed in each county.





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