Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get certified in the certification program?

You will need to complete a WV Transportation Engineering Technician Certification application. Please be sure to follow the Instructions For Completing Application, found at the beginning of the application.

Can I apply for the certification program and not the academic degree?


Is there a fee required for certification?

Yes. A fee of $100 is required each time you apply to the Board. Employers may pay this on your behalf. WVDOH pays this fee for their employees. NOTE: The $100.00 application review fee will be waived for all college graduates that apply within one year of graduation.

Is there a deadline for applications to be received?

Applications are to be postmarked by January 31, March 31, June 30, and October 31.

Once I am certified in the program, how do I advance to the next level?

Once you meet the requirement in Section III of the Rules and Regulations, you will need to complete an application with updated information.

What classes count for advancement?

Please see Section IV of the Rules and Regulations.

I am confused about the certification program. Where can I get help?

Call the WV Transportation Engineering Technician Program office at 304-414-6836. You can also learn more by visiting the Certification Rules and Regulations webpage​.

My application was returned because it is incomplete. Why?

An incomplete application will not be reviewed by the Board. Therefore, if your application is not complete, it will be returned to you to obtain the missing information. If the application is received incomplete on or near the deadline date, it may not be reviewed until the following Board meeting.