WV Transportation

WV Transportation

WV Transportation

WV Department of Transportation

History and Mission

‚ÄčThe West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is comprised of more than 4,000 men and women who work in the Division of Highways; Division of Motor Vehicles; Division of Public Transit; the Public Port Authority; the Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority (WV Turnpike); the State Rail Authority; and the Aeronautics Commission.

WVDOT provides essential services in transportation, tourism and economic development, including:

  • Safety and protection for citizens through modern operating standards for our highways, rail and airport facilities and licensing and permitting of drivers and motor vehicles
  • Transportation services including public transit, railway operation and maintenance, airport and river port development and highway construction and maintenance
  • Community and economic development through accessible roads, rivers, railways and airports and support for the artisan community through Tamarack and other development initiatives
  • Revenue generation through the highway trust fund; air, railway and waterway fuel funds and tolls and concession fees
  • Information and education through driver education, travel information, safety guidance, public involvement in transportation planning and continuing education


Mission Statement

The West Virginia Department of Transportation's mission is to responsibly provide a safe, efficient and reliable transportation system that supports economic opportunity and quality of life.