Electronic Bidding System

Effective date is November 1, 2007

To download the WVDOH EBS, please view the Programs and Downloads section.

All prospective bidders must request permission to submit electronic bids, this request must include the bidder’s company name, FEI number, mailing address, E-mail address, phone number, and the names and signatures of the company representative authorized to sign the computerized bid.

If you do not wish to download the file, a diskette with pre-installed (customized with Bidder-ID and Prequalified Company Name) EBS software will be furnished to prospective bidders upon written request.

Separate requests must be submitted for joint bids, joint ventures, or in the event that a bidder’s company name changes or a bidder chooses to bid under a different company name.

EBS System Specifications

The Windows version of Trns•port Expedite requires Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (with SP1a) or Windows® 2000 Professional (with SP4) operating system. Expedite requires additional specifications as shown. Citizenship or permanent residence in the United States or Canada is required for use of the optional digital signatures and encryption technology.


The hardware configuration for client computers running Trns•port Expedite software follows:

* 2.5-GHz processor
* 512-MB RAM
* 10-GB available hard disk space
* CD-ROM optical drive
* 800x600 pixel resolution monitor
* 101-key standard keyboard
* Mouse or other pointing device
* Network adapter Software


 For more information, please contact Linda Lovejoy, Contract Supervisor at 304-558-2874.


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