Contract Administration

Administration of all contracts for highway construction, maintenance and resurfacing projects is comprised of a wide array of multifaceted activities. 

Responsibilities for each of these activities are assigned to a variety of sections or groups each of whom in turn report either to the following:

  • Division Director
  • Administrative Section Head
  • Resources

Regional and Administrative Engineering Section

The Regional Engineers and the Special Projects Engineer, all of whom report to the Division Director, are responsible for the review, coordination and approval of engineering practices, procedures and contract modifications related to field activities, and the management and oversight of all consultant inspection activities and the revision/updating of the Construction Manual.

The following groups report to or relate immediately to the Administrative Section Head:

P S & E Group

The PS & E Group (Plans, Specifications, and Estimates) handles the preparation of the bidding documents.  They combine the plans sheets with the estimates for both time and money along with any other project requirements to create the bidding proposal and plans for each project.

Contracts Group

The Contracts Group handles the advertising of all upcoming highway contracts, the sale and distribution of bidding documents and publications to the contracting industry, the management of the Electronic Bidding System (EBS), the posting of contract related data to the DOT/DOH website and the coordination of work related to the execution of contracts, contract bonds and insurance certificates.

Prequalification/Accounting Group

All matters related to the prequalification of bidders and the processing of payments for consultant agreements related to materials inspections and payment of other invoices as assigned fall under the tasks handled by this group.

Finalization Group

This group’s responsibilities concern oversight and review of payments to contractors and the performance of on-going and final contract review to determine compliance with all requirements governing the quality assurance and certification of all materials incorporated into highway contracts. Also, the concurrent technical and mathematical review of quantities of work performed on major contracts and the establishment and monitoring of policies and procedures related to finalization to be adhered to at District and project level are handled by this group.

Jason M. Boyd, P.E.
Division Director
1900 Kanawha Blvd, East
Building 5, Room 840
Charleston WV, 25305-0330
Phone: 304-558-3304
Fax: 304-558-3132

Contract Administration Resources:


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