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The Asphalt Group at the Materials Control, Soils, and Testing Division is committed to ensuring that only quality asphalt products are used in constructing and maintaining our highways for the citizens of West Virginia.  We will be proactive in maintaining and developing education, testing, inspection, and quality assurance programs that use the latest processes and technology that meet State and Federal specifications.  

Tests that we perform                                                                             

AMRL Certified to Test:

The Asphalt Laboratory participates in the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) Asphalt Testing Proficiency Sample Program.  


The Asphalt Group also assists in the technician certification programs, hosts educational workshops, and provides training for district laboratory staff.  We assist in the implementation of new specifications, special provisions, and design directives that concern asphalt within the State’s highway system.  The Asphalt Group staff supports the Pavement Group within the MCS&T by conducting pavement surveys, evaluating asphalt cores, and assisting in education and training seminars. 

Standard Specifications Roads and Bridges

The West Virginia Division of Highway’s Standard Specifications Roads and Bridges governs the materials that are used on West Virginia’s highways.  It is important that the Asphalt Group understands these specification, how they affect construction of our roadways, and how they affect the lifespan of asphalt roadways in the State.  The sections of this specification that cover asphalt and asphalt materials are listed below: 

Division 400: Bituminous Pavements

Section 401: Asphalt Base, Wearing, and Patching and Leveling Courses
Section 402: Asphalt Skid Resistant Pavement
Section 405: Surface Treatments
Section 408: Tack Coat
Section 410: Asphalt Base and Wearing Courses, Percent within Limits (PWL)
Section 412: Winter Grade Asphalt Patching Mixture
Section 415: Milling ofAsphalt Pavement Surface

Division 700: Materials Details

Section 705: Asphalt Materials

Material Procedures                                                                                                          

It is important to perform all procedures associated with sampling, testing, reporting, and inspection appropriately in order to maintain a reliable quality assurance system. This is accomplished by use of Division approved Materials Procedures (MPs). These MPs are numbers to coincide with the Standard Specifications, as such The Asphalt Maintains the 400 Series of MPs.  The following is an individual list of MPs currently maintained by the Asphalt Group: 

401.02.21: Calibration of Thermometer and Pyrometer at Bituminous Concrete Mixing Plant 

401.02.22: Design Testing of Hot-Mix Asphalt 

401.02.24: Guide to Designing Hot-Mix Asphalt with Recycled Asphalt Pavement 

401.02.25: Certification of Asphalt and Tar Shipping Terminals 

401.02.27:  Guide for Contractors Quality Control of Hot-Mix Asphalt

401.02.28: Guide to Designing Hot-Mix Asphalt Using Superpave Volumetric Design 

401.02.29: Guideline for Quality Control and Acceptance Requirements for Superpave Hot-Mix Asphalt 

401.03.50: Guide for Contractor's Quality Control of Bituminous Concrete 

401.05.20:  Compaction Testing of Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement

402.02.20: Rapid Determination of the Polish Susceptible Carbonate Particle Content in Aggregates

: Procedure for Determining a Reduced Unit Price to Be Paid for Penetration Macadam Which Does Not Conform to the Grading Requirements of Governing Specifications 

Approved Source Lists                                                                                                                               

Bituminous Material                                                                

Regulated by: MP 401.02.25 
Requirements: Annual Quality Assurance Testing

Approved Design Labs                                                       
Requirements: AMRL Certification & Approved Designer

Approved Mix Designers (Marshall/SuperPave)                                                  

Regulated by: 401.02.22, 401.02.28
Requirements:Indication that they hold a mix design certificate.

Approved JMFs (Marshall/SuperPave)                                                  

Regulated by: 401.02.22, 401.02.24, 401.02.28

Approved Asphalt Plants                                                           

Regulated by: Standards Spec Section 401.9 & AASHTO M156 
Requirements: Annual plant inspection by local District Staff


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