Department of Transportation

DOT Administrative Procedures


11General: C and H Level DOH/DOT Memorandums
12General: Policies and Procedures
13General: Cell Phone Ordering
14General: Travel Regulations
15General: Personal Vehicle Use in Performance of Official Business
16General: Security for Mainframe Computer Maintenance Transactions
17General: REMIS - Standard DOT TSO (Time Sharing Option) Field Reports
18General: Audit Replies
19General: ARI Fuel Card Program
110General: Proper Use of Technology
111General: Capitol Complex Parking Lot Policy
112General: VoIP Telephone System
25Accounting: Activity Codes
26Accounting: Object Codes
27Accounting: Organization Numbers
28Accounting: Receipt of Monetary Payments
29Accounting: Miscellaneous Rates
210Accounting: Obligation of Construction Project Funds
31Payroll/Personnel: Workers' Compensation
32Payroll/Personnel: Return to Work/Accommodation
33Payroll/Personnel: DOT Job Specifications
34Payroll/Personnel: Labor Reporting
35Payroll/Personnel: Grievances
36Payroll/Personnel: Discrimination Complaints
37Payroll/Personnel: Insurance: Health, Life, Dismemberment (Disability), Legal
38Payroll/Personnel: Employee Performance Appraisals
39Payroll/Personnel: Educational Expense Reimbursement Program
310Payroll/Personnel: Attendance, Leave, and Overtime
311Payroll/Personnel: Leave Donation Program
313Payroll/Personnel: Orientation of New Employees
314Payroll/Personnel: Merit Increase Policy
315Payroll/Personnel: Substance Abuse
316Payroll/Personnel: DOT Social Media Use Policy
317Payroll/Personnel: Training Policy and Training Request Procedure
318Payroll/Personnel: Political Activities
319Payroll/Personnel: Taxing Fringe Benefits - Vehicle Use
323Payroll/Personnel: Employee Ethics and Conflict of Interest
43Equipment: Equipment Classifications and Rental Rates
44Equipment: Equipment Reporting System
45Equipment: Equipment Reporting Requirements
46Equipment: Equipment Transfer and Status Change Reporting
47Equipment: Preventive Maintenance Program
51Inventory: Introduction to Inventory
53Inventory: Receiving Items into Inventory
54Inventory: Using and Transferring Inventory
55Inventory: Controlling Inventory
56Inventory: Surplus, Unusable, Stolen and Missing Property
57Inventory: Inventory Corrections
61Purchasing: Introduction
63Purchasing: General Policies
64Purchasing: REMIS Purchase Types and Purchase Decision Making
65Purchasing: State P-Card Program
66Purchasing: Statewide & Agency Contracts
67Purchasing: Purchases $10,000 and Under
68Purchasing: Purchases Over $10,000
69Purchasing: Specialty Payables
610Purchasing: Invoice Processing and Correcting Receipt Errors