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Asset Management Program & System Performance Measures

The Asset Management Program & System Performance Measures is responsible of implementing the principles of Asset management: financial planning, investment scenarios targeted to increase the performance of the organization and the capabilities of the Bridge and Pavement Management Systems. Our primary focus is maintaining our bridge and pavement assets, seamless coordination between Districts and Divisions and provide data driven information for leadership. The Program is also responsible for setting performance targets for the State and coordinating the information required for the federal government on safety, system performance and asset conditions (for example, percentage Good/Fair/Poor of bridges), monitor the progress between the DOT Divisions and Districts and submit reports to DOH leadership and FHWA. Progress reports are submitted to FHWA annually. 

Asset Management also maintains and submits the TAMP (Transportation Asset Management Plan), which documents information about the National Highway System in WV; detailing bridge and pavement assets, their condition, performance, and the process of managing those assets. It also identifies operation improvements the WVDOT is undertaking to strengthen asset performance, decision-making, and investment strategies to maximize the functional life of those assets. ​


2019 Final TAMP (5 MB PDF)​

Visit here​ for more information on performance measures and access to the Performance Connection tool.​

Michelle Oxley: Director​