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Performance Management

​​​​Michelle Oxley:  ​Director 

Performance Management​​
1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
Building 5, Room 317
Charleston, WV 25305​

Our Mission

Measuring, Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting

List of Performance Management programs

​​​1. Statewide Data Analytics
2. Traffic Monitoring 
3. Highway Performance Monitoring (HPMS)
4. Organizational Performance 
​5. Asset Management & System Performance Measures  

The Statewide Data Analytics group is responsible for collecting, QA/AC all data and budget information from Districts and Divisions, monitor activities, be a liaison between Districts and Central office, provide training and assistance to all Data Analytic Units in the Districts.

The goal is to have this group as the HUB for all information and reports Statewide and be responsible of distributing that information in the correct simplified format especially to Management.

Michelle Oxley
​Tillman Adkins
Chrystal Ransbottom
Patricia White 
Benjamin Foster​

The Traffic Monitoring program is responsible of managing traffic counts information statewide including both permanent counts available on ground year around and short terms counts collected e​very 3 years in each district, also the program is responsible of monthly required submission to FHWA, calculating traffic summaries for HPMS annual submission and travel time reliability measures. Also, this group conducts modeling and simulation analysis to provide recommendations on projects such as lane additions, widening and interchanges.  Provide information to Management on future traffic conditions when making changes in the system.
WVDOH Traffic Data Request Form
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Michelle Oxley
Jordan Crist:  Responsible of the operations of the Continuous Counts program.
Jeremy Skeen: Responsible of statewide coverage counts and responding to traffic request. 
Guy Wolfe:  Responsible of the Short-Term counts program.  
Ray Dooley​: Field Technician

The Highway Performance Monitoring Program (HPMS) is responsible of coordinating and gathering all information on the extent and the condition of all State public roads, QA/QC the data and submit it annually to FHWA.  FHWA uses this data to portion federal funding to states for transportation needs.

Matthew Jordan: Programmer Analyst I - Responsible for collecting HPMS data from all Divisions and Districts and performs quality checks. 

The Asset Management Program & System Performance Measures is responsible of implementing the principles of Asset management: financial planning, investment scenarios targeted to increase the performance of the system and the capabilities of the bridge and Pavement Management. Progress reports are to be submitted annually to FHWA. The goal to have a system in place to maintain our bridge and pavement, seamless coordination between districts and Divisions and provide data driven information for Management. The Program is also responsible for setting the performance targets for the State and coordinating the information required for the federal government on the safety, system performance and bridge conditions (for example % poor or Good of bridges), monitor the progress between the DOT Divisions and District and report to Management and FHWA.

Patrick Brennan: PM/TAM Lead
David I. Webster: Highway Engineer

2019 Final TAMP (5 MB PDF)​

The Organizational Performance Program is responsible of assisting each Division and District in the DOT to set performance targets and report on the progress to meet those targets. The goal is to increase accountability, define roles and responsibility. Monitor performance and provide information on the Divisions and Districts performance to Management.