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Future Needs, Revenues, and Priorities

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Future Needs, Revenues, and PrioritiesUpdated on July 7, 2021


Future Needs, Revenues, and Priorities synthesizes the prior two phases to help compare scenarios of future transportation revenues compared to multimodal transportation needs statewide and within urban and rural places over the next few decades.

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Plan Documents​:
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Multimodal Needs Assessment

The 2050 LRTP Multimodal Needs Assessment identifies and explains multimodal transportation capital, maintenance and operating investment needs instrumental to the transportation planning process led by West Virginia Department of Transportation.  Addressing multimodal transportation needs is vital for meeting system efficiency, reliability, durability, and safety goals. 



Financial Plan
The 2050 LRTP Financial Plan and the Funding Fact Sheet review current and future funding trends for transportation in West Virginia. The Financial Plan includes a baseline revenue forecast through 2050 and considers different trends and the potential of alternative revenue sources to help WVDOT keep the transportation system safe and reliable.

Gap Assessment
The 2050 LRTP Gap Assessment compares the Multimodal Needs Assessment to the Financial Plan​. This comparison helps us understand current and future transportation funding gaps relative to needs, and the potential strategies that WVDOT can implement to mitigate the gap while continuing to meet transportation system goals.