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Implementation Plan - Updated on September 22​,​ 2021

  • The 2050 LRTP Implementation Plan highlights the Plan outcomes and recommendations and identifies near term steps that WVDOT and its partners can take to propel and manage plan implementation forward over the next decade. Section 9 of the 2050 LRTP Plan Document summarizes strategies and the associated highest priority actions (next six years), high-priority action (next six to ten years), and long-term actions (next ten years and beyond).
  • On September 21, 2021, WVDOT held an internal workshop with leaders and managers across the organization. The objectives, approach, and next steps for LRTP implementation were discussed. Refer to the following presentation for a 2050 LRTP overview and insight on WVDOTs approach to implementation.

Plan Documents:  (for comments and questions, Contact Us:

Fact sheets for each set of 2050 LRTP actions are available here:

Federal regulations require that the 2050 LRTP include a System Performance Report. The System Performance Report presents recent performance trends for the Interstate and National Highway System, and Federally funded  transit providers covering topics like safety, asset condition, and reliability. The System Performance Report connects these performance trends to the strategies and actions identified in the Implementation Plan. The system performance report is available here: