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State of the System - Updated on July​ 7,​ 2021

The State of the System builds a platform for the rest of the Plan by
detailing the status and performance of the multimodal system. This includes the goals, plans, programs, and partnerships that will shape system preservation, operations, and expansion over the coming years.

Outcomes from the State of the System phase will include six factsheets highlighting key facts about WVDOT and the multimodal transportation networks it manages. This includes:

WVDOT Role and Partnerships - The mission, organization, family of plans, programs and partnerships at WVDOT

And five factsheets that describe each system, explain why it is important to WV, highlight key performance trends, and share current plans and programs. 

  • Aviation – The priorities and plans of the Aeronautics Commission in promoting air passenger service in West Virginia. 
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian – Characteristics, funding programs, and plans of West Virginia’s bicycle and pedestrian network.
  • Freight – Covers WVDOT and partner approaches and plans to support truck movement, rail, air cargo, and ports.
  • Highways – Describes the full scope of WVDOH assets, priorities, plans, performance, and investment activities across the nearly 35,000 miles of roadway managed by DOH.
  • Public Transportation – Covers the role of the Division of Public Transit and the funding programs supporting West Virginia’s regional and local transit and mobility service providers.

The review of multimodal plans along with coordination with stakeholders created the platform for developing 2050 LRTP goals, and objectives that will be used in future phases to develop strategies. WVDOT is developing statewide performance measures for these objectives that will help prioritize strategies in the LRTP and track transportation system performance.​

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