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Jefferson Road Improvements

Project Update: 4/19/2019

Gov. Jim Justice and leaders from the West Virginia Department of Transportation announced that the contract for the Jefferson Road Improvement Project has been awarded to Kokosing Construction Company. The project has an estimated completion date of December 2022. A computer visualization video, showing the projected design of the completed project, can be viewed here.

Project Update: 9/18/2017

The Final FONSI is available below for review. Files may be large and take time to download.
The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) will hold an informational public meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at South Charleston Recreation Center, located at 601 Jefferson Road, South Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia on the proposed improvements to an approximately 1.7 mile section of Jefferson Road (WV601) in Kanawha County between its intersection with US 119 (Corridor G-Davis Creek Interchange) in the south to its intersection with US 60 (MacCorkle Avenue) in the north. The improvements will relieve current and future traffic congestion and improve safety in the corridor. This meeting complies with the public involvement requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.


The scheduled public meeting is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and the public will be afforded the opportunity to ask questions and give written comments on the project throughout the meeting. A handout [PDF] with project details will be available at the meeting.

The Revised Jefferson Park Plan and the Revised Jefferson Park aerial view are available for review.

The comment period for this project ended on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Environmental Assessment Documents
Environmental Assessment
Appendix A Planning and Environmental Linkage
Appendix B Alternatives Analysis
Appendix B Alternatives Analysis - Attachment 1 Traffic Study
Appendix B Alternatives Analysis - Attachment 2 Roundabout Study
Appendix C Environmental Justice
Appendix D WVDNR and USFWS Concurrence
Appendix E SHPO Concurrence
Appendix F Air Quality Analysis
Appendix G Noise Analysis
Appendix H Hazardous Materials and Minerals

FONSI Documents
FINAL FONSI _Signed 2017-09-13
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen A_2013 PEL
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen B_Alternatives Analysis
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen B_Attach 1_Traffic
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen B_Attach 2_Roundabout
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen C_Environmental Justice
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen D_WVDNR and USFWS
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen E_SHPO
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen F_Air Quality
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen G_Noise
FINAL FONSI_Appendix A_2016 EA_Appen H_HazMat and Minerals
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_2017 EA Addendum
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 1_2016 Press Release and Flyer
FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 2_2016 Agency Comments
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 3_2016 Public Comments
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 4_Streams
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 5_EJ update
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 6_Noise
FINAL FONSI_Appendix B_Attach 7_SHPO
FINAL FONSI_Appendix C_2017 Public Mtg Handout
FINAL FONSI_Appendix D_2017 Public Comments

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