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The Engineering Division is responsible for the review and approval of, plans and specifications for the construction, reconstruction, and relocation of all roadways and bridges within the State Highway S​ystem.

The Division is organized into five Sections: In-House Design Section, Quality Assurance and Project Management Section, Consultant Services Section, Operations Section, and Specialized Engineering Section. 

In-House Design Section 
In-House Design Section is responsible for the in-house preparation of plans and specifications for the construction, reconstruction, and relocation of all roadways and bridges within the State Highway System. 

Quality Assurance and Project Management Section
The Quality Assurance and Project Management Section is responsible for the review and approval of the design plans that are prepared and submitted by consultant firms. ​

Consultant Services Section
The Consultant Services Section prepares advertisements for design projects, conducts scope of work meetings, negotiates fees and prepares legal agreements between the Department of Transportation and design consultants as well as other government agencies and private entities. We maintain design consultant qualification files. We publish "Procurement Procedures for Negotiated Contracts" as part of the rules and regulations for the Department of Transportation. We also publish Consultant Confidential Qualification Questionnaire and Cost Accounting Statement forms. 

Operations Section
The  Operations Section is responsible for building and maintaining databases that coordinate specific data as well as sharing general data for program development. Maintaining software needs for real time estimates and develop PS&E submissions to Contract Administration. Manage post letting data, maintaining final plan and data submissions, closeout projects, track financial end dates and inactive lists and coordinate shop drawing information. Develop reports for programmatic needs and manage structure design number information. Also, the Engineering Operations Section is responsible for personnel and payroll transactions, employee expense account settlements, invoice payments, such as consultant invoices, obtaining permits, mitigation credits, reimbursements to other entities, etc.  Purchases, such as contracted goods and services, travel, equipment, etc. Project funding authorization extensions, closures, and inactive reviews and billing vendors. 

Specialized Engineering Section 
The Initial Design Group is tasked with studying alignment alternatives for various highway and bridge improvement projects.  The study and recommendations are presented in a formal Design Study Report which is forwarded to the Deputy State Highway Engineer -  Development, for Location and Design Approval. Once Location and Design Approval has been received, the Design Study Report, survey information, and alignment files are forwarded to either In-House Design Section or Quality Assurance and Project Management Section so that 300-Series Contract Plan development may begin. 


Raymond J. "R. J." Scites, P.E.
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