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WV 2 Proctor to Kent

Proctor to Kent

UPDATE 04/18/2019 - Final FONSI is Available for Review


The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) is conducting an Informational Public Workshop Public Meeting on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the New Martinsville Public Library. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Environmental Assessment for the project. This meeting also complies with the public involvement requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. A handout with project details will be available at the meeting.

Purpose and Need

The WV 2 Proctor to Kent project has the following needs: (1) Improve traffic volume capacity. (2) Enhance safety by eliminating multiple at-grade access points and the traffic conflicts associated with multiple at-grade intersections. (3) Support continued growth and economic development in the project area. Thus, a relocated and widened WV 2 will alleviate traffic, improve regional accessibility and facilitate continued growth and economic development in the project area. Based on these transportation needs, WVDOH developed the following project purpose statement: The purpose of the proposed project is to increase system capacity and enhance safety and facilitate growth in accordance with regional and local land use planning.


Besides a no-build alternative, WVDOH has developed three alternatives to improve traffic problems on WV 2. Based on these alternatives, WVDOH has developed an environmental assessment NEPA document to identify potential impacts of the project. Preliminary engineering studies have been completed and detailed design studies are underway. The alternatives currently developed are discussed briefly below. Differences for each alternative are provided in the previous Alterative/Cost Matrix.
  • Alternative 1 runs along the foot of the hill. Alternative 1 allows the existing WV 2 to remain as a frontage or plant access road, which allows the plant accesses to be consolidated into a single intersection. Estimated construction cost is $60.1 million (excluding utility relocation and right of way acquisition).
  • Alternative 2 was developed to maximize the amount of land available for development. The configuration is similar to Alternative 1, with adjustments to move the alignment onto the hillside. Estimated construction cost is $77.9 million (excluding utility relocation and right of way acquisition).
  • Alternative 3 was developed to avoid key properties (e.g., Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union) and a recently installed natural gas line serving the Natrium Extraction and Fractionation Processing Plant. The configuration includes a higher alignment on the hillside to the east of Alternatives 1 and 2. Estimated construction cost is $89.3 million (excluding utility relocation and right of way acquisition.

Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment for the project can be downloaded below:
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment Appendices

NO FORMAL PRESENTATION WILL BE MADE. The scheduled public meeting is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and the public will be afforded the opportunity to ask questions and give written comments on the project throughout the meeting. 


The comment period for this project ended on Monday, September 17th, 2018.
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Project Documents 


Alternative1.pdfAlternative111/1/2017 8:34 AM
Alternative2.pdfAlternative211/1/2017 8:37 AM
Alternative3.pdfAlternative311/1/2017 8:38 AM
CombinedFinal.pdfCombinedFinal10/31/2017 2:31 PM
comment.pdfcomment7/31/2018 12:41 PM
Environmental-Assessment.pdfEnvironmental-Assessment7/31/2018 12:19 PM
Environmental-Assessment-Appendices.pdfEnvironmental-Assessment-Appendices7/31/2018 12:50 PM
flyer.pdfflyer8/8/2018 7:47 AM
FONSI.pdfFONSI4/18/2019 2:18 PM
handout.pdfhandout8/14/2018 3:52 PM
schedule.pdfschedule10/31/2017 2:32 PM
WV-2AlignmentAlternativeEval.pdfWV-2AlignmentAlternativeEval10/31/2017 2:33 PM
WV-2Alignments.pdfWV-2Alignments10/31/2017 2:33 PM