Department of Transportation

Buildings and Grounds Project

West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways

Buildings & Grounds Project

Mason, Wetzel, Webster, Wyoming Randolph, Lincoln, Roane, Logan and Grant Counties, West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways (DOH) seeks to construct nine highway maintenance facilities across the state using the Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement method. The purpose of this inquiry is to solicit letters of interest, qualifications, and proposals from firms interested in providing design services, construction services, and financing services necessary for the construction of the following locations:

  • Mason County Headquarters, Mason County
  • Wetzel County Headquarters, Wetzel County
  • Webster County Headquarters, Webster County
  • Hanover Substation, Wyoming County
  • Harmon Substation, Randolph County
  • Lincoln County Headquarters, Lincoln County
  • Roane County Headquarters, Roane County
  • Logan County Headquarters, Logan County
  • Grant County Headquarters, Grant County

A Large, Medium and Small size facility will be designed, and the appropriate sized facility will be constructed at each location. Each facility will include but not be limited to the following components:

Receptionist Area

File/Fax Room

Supervisor Office

Offices (Small–1, Medium–2, Large–5)

Women’s Rest Room

Men’s Rest Room

Mechanic’s Office

Work Bays (Small–2, Medium–3, Large–4)

Wash Bay

Air Compressor Room

Generator Room

Fluid Storage Room

Parts Storage

Parts Office

Janitor’s Closet/Storage

Mechanical Room

Crew Room


More detailed scope of work and project will be forthcoming along with a project schedule.

The DOH will use a one-step process to select a Proposer or Proposers with which to execute a contract for this Project. This process includes both the RFQ and RFP combined. After evaluations of qualifications and reviewing and scoring of technical proposals to the RFP, cost proposals will be opened. The DOH will then award the Project to the best value Proposer.

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