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Frequently Asked Questions

​ Below, are some of the most popular questions and their answers. Please look here first. If you do not see your question here, please submit via the email link on this site. We will answer you and, if your question is one that we feel others may want to know, we will also reprint it here along with the answer.

I applied for and received a permit not long ago to move a load. I am now applying for a permit to move the same load over the same route. Is there some way I can just get the first permit renewed, or must I go through the same approval process again?

If everything about your application will be the same as before – same routes, same direction, same gross vehicle weight and dimensions (height, width, length, and overhang), and the same axle weights and spacings – AND your previous permit was issued within the last 30 days, then we may issue the new permit without going through the normal analysis and approval process. You must, however, submit a new application give us (either on the application, by FAX, or by telephone) the previous permit number so we can verify that everything is the same and that the previous permit was issued within the last 30 days.

How much weight (or width, height, etc.) can I get on US-119 (or any other route) on five axles (or six, seven, or any other number of axles)?

We occasionally get questions like this and we cannot give you a quick answer. It simply does not work like that in West Virginia; we don’t have lists of allowable weights or dimensions on various routes. All of our bridge weight and clearance information is stored on a computer analysis program, through which we run each and every single trip application. We may be able to give you an educated guess on a question such as this, if the route is one that we frequently permit, but the only way to give you a truly accurate answer is for you to submit an application and let us run the computer analysis on it.

Does West Virginia allow weekend travel?

If you request weekend travel on the application, we will evaluate your request and either grant it or state on the permit that weekend travel is denied.

Does West Virginia allow travel after dark?

Yes, for loads that are overweight only – not oversize – up to and including 110,000 lbs. GVW and traveling on multi-lane highways. Loads traveling on two-lane routes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to get a permit?

If you are able to self-issue it through either or​, you can get a permit in just a few minutes. If your application must come to the Permit Office for review, we can normally issue an Oversize/Overweight Single Trip Permit within 24 hours of receiving the application. Superload Permits may take 48 hours or more. There are simply too many variables to set definite limits on this. We may have higher-than-normal numbers of applications. Your load may fail on bridge weight or for clearance reasons, on our automated analysis program, requiring us to submit your application to District bridge personnel for further evaluation. We may have to arrange for permit monitoring. On the other hand, if there are no problems, you may get your permit within a few hours of applying or almost immediately. It is always best to apply well in advance. Please rest assured that we will issue your permit as soon as we possibly can.

How do I apply for fuel tax stickers?

Please contact the West Virginia State Tax Department at (304) 558-0685​.

How do I get an encroachment (driveway) permit?

Contact your local Division of Highways District or County office.

What permit service and/or escort (pilot car) service should I use? How much do they cost?

We cannot recommend any certain private company to you; to do so would be unethical. We can FAX you a list of permit services that have accounts with West Virginia. For escorts, we recommend that you do a search on the internet or consult a local phone book. You should request prices from the companies you contact – we cannot say what they will charge you.

May I apply for a hauling permit by telephone and pay with a credit card?

We do not accept applications over the phone. You may, pay with a major credit card or establish an escrow account with Bentley Systems to pay for permits.

Does West Virginia allow permit amendments?

Yes, one amendment only for truck or trailer plate changes (one or the other – not both, for a three-day extension of the permit dates, or for a date change (within limits) if the permit is not yet valid based on the travel dates you selected.