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Permitted travel time policies have changed. Please see Permit Information​ for details.​

Do I need a Hauling Permit?

See if you meet the Legal Size and Weight Limits

How do I order a P​​ermit

We issue permits online or by walk-in. To order a permit start here.

Blanket (Annual) Permit

All blanket permits are truck-specific and are available for self-issue through and Click this link to learn more.

Low Impact Monitoring

If a permit is approved at low-impact, we will notify the applicant and, at the applicant's request, we will issue the permit with the bridges to be low-impacted and their locations and the required speed listed; there will also be a phone number on the permit to call and schedule the monitors. Please read all instructions carefully and note that, if low-impact is required, this is a condition of the permit - you will be in violation if you attempt to make the move without a monitor. Please note that the Monitoring Scheduling Office will try to accomodate scheduling after 2:00 p.m. up to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and also weekend monitoring, subject to availibility of monitors.
Before ordering permits, you can save time by reviewing Weight and Clearance Restrictions 2023​.pdf, to make sure that you select viable routes on your applications.
You should also check our Construction List. This document is update each time a construction restriction is added or removed.
Permit Cancellation Fee
We may, at our discretion, charge $20 for all superload applications that are not activated (resulting in permits) within 30 days of the analysis. In other words, we will keep all Superload applications for 30 days, after which (if you do not request permits to be issued for these applications) we may charge you $20 per application. This does not apply to applications that are denied by District Bridge Department personnel. It also does not apply to applications that you cancel (by faxing us a cancellation notice) before the application is opened by one of our staff and the analysis is run. Furthermore, you must keep track of your own applications. We will not honor requests from you to count applications submitted but not activated - this is your responsibility.

New Weekend Travel Rules

We will now grant weekend travel when requested for anything not over 14' wide, unless on the West Virginia Turnpike or requiring low impact. Weekend travel on the West Virginia Turnpike may be requested and will be considered using the same criteria as we have always used.

Travel Restrictions
Permit Info​rmation -- Updated 3/17/2023: This link will take you to information about legal limits in West Virginia, descriptions of all of the different kinds of hauling permits we issue, escort requirements, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions


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