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Legal Size and Weight Limits

If your hauling configuration does not meet the legal size and weight limits in WV, then you may apply for a hauling permit. A summary of the weight limits and size limits is given below for your convenience. This list is not exhaustive or complete in details. Please refer to the WV code for exact details.

The legal size and weight limits for WV can be found in the WV Code, Chapter 17C, Article 17-1 through 18-1 online at

Map of WV routes showing weight limits.

Map of WV routes showing size limits.

Permits for overweight loads are only issued if the load is nondivisible.

Legal Weight Limits (lbs)

Interstate Highways

GVW                80,000
0 (steer)          20,000
0 (single)         20,000
00 (tandem)     34,000
-Federal Bridge Formula applies to all other combinations

US and WV Routes

GVW                                                80,000
Axle Limit                                         20,000
Single Unit Tandem (3 axles total)   60,000
Single Unit Tridem (4 axles total)     70,000
Single Unit Quadrum (5 axles total) 73,000
Tractor-Semi Trailer (5 axles total)  80,000
Tractor-Semi Trailer (6 axles total)  80,000
Combination Tandem
w/2 axles Trailer (5 axles total)       80,000
Combination Tridem
w/2 axles Trailer (6 axles total)       80,000

Local Service Routes

GVW                65,000
0 (steer)          20,000
0 (single)         20,000
00 (tandem)     34,000

Legal Size Limits


8 feet                  Local service routes with lanes under 10 feet wide
8 feet 6 inches     Interstate, US, WV, and Local service raoutes with lanes 10 feet or greater


13 feet 6 inches   All routes


Unlimited overall length on Interstates and National Network Highways
40 feet               Interstate, US, and WV routes - Single Unit (inclusive of front and rear bumper)
53 feet               Semitrailer (measurement from tractor rear axle to trailer first axle cannot exceed 37 feet)
28 feet               Trailer used in doubles. Triple trailers are not allowed.
70 feet               Overall length on US and WV routes
55 feet               Overall Length on County routes
45 feet               Motor Home (exclusive of front and rear bumper)
65 feet               Combination travel trailer and two vehicles (exclusive of front and rear bumper)
75 feet               Driveway Saddle Mount Vehicles


3 feet               Front
6 feet               Rear