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Mapping Approved Aggregates, Asphalt, Cement and Concrete

​This map/dashboard focuses on information relating to all approved aggregate, asphalt, cement and concrete suppliers in and around West Virginia.

Link to Map​​

In the top-right corner of the map, users can search for specific sites by company/plant name, location or supplier code, turn on/off map layers, change basemap, as well as view the legend for each layer (aggregate quarry features are symbolized by aggregate material types; asphalt plant features are symbolized by plant owner/name; cement mill features are symbolized by alkali content; and concrete plant features are symbolized by plant rating).

On the left side of the dashboard, users can also filter sites by specific categories: concrete plants by rating, aggregates by reactivity class, cement mills containing limestone, etc.

Within the map, users can pan and zoom in/out at any scale and click on any feature to display pop-ups that reveal more information about that particular site.​