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Materials Control, Soils and Testing Division

Welcome to the Materials Control, Soils and Testing Division (MCS&T) Web Site. We are a Division of the West Virginia Department of Transportation, West Virginia Division of Highways.  
Our mission purpose is to assure the highest quality of all materials and material processes are incorporated into West Virginia roadway system ensuring they are designed, produced, tested and placed to meet the preservation, safety and performance standards of the West Virginia Division of Highways.
We do this through the use of a Quality Assurance System including testing and are the central Division located in Charleston, WV. For a map showing directions to our facility use the flyout entitled "Map to Facility". MCS&T is very active in the construction phase of projects. However our function is not exclusive only to construction. Much of the work performed at this Division is involved in the development and maintenance phases of highway work as well.

About This Web Site

This Web Site is designed to provide information about MCS&T. It provides an overview of the primary functions of MCS&T, the organizational structure of the Division, descriptions of various sections within the Division, contact information, and various tools useful in completing the work we do. Hopefully any questions you might have pertinent to MCS&T will be answered in the contents of this site. 
If you’re interested in any of the work currently underway or have any questions for us, please send us your request.

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 Ron Stanevich
 190 Dry Branch Drive
 Charleston, WV  25306  
 Phone: 304.414.6659
 Fax: 304.558.0253