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Traffic Monitoring

​The Traffic Monitoring Program is a two-component program that is responsible of analyzing and managing traffic count data information at a statewide level. The first component, the Continuous-Count Program, provides the temporal component of traffic data. This includes managing the state’s 73 permanent automatic traffic recorders that collect traffic data year-round.  The Short-Term Count Program provides the spatial component of traffic data. This includes collecting 48-hour counts in each District every 3 years in over 11,200 locations total. The Traffic Monitoring Program is also responsible of submitting traffic monitoring analysis system (TMAS) data to FHWA each month, calculating traffic summaries, and travel time reliability measures to HPMS annually. The traffic data collected from the program allows for modeling and simulation analysis that guides recommendations on projects such as lane additions, widening and interchanges. Finally, the information obtained by the program guides Management when making any changes to the roadway network.

WVDOH Traffic Data Request Form
Traffic data requests must be submitted through the above form before they can be approved and completed.​

For questions about this form, please contact

Guy Wolfe:  Responsible for the Short-Term Count Program and assists with the duties of the Continuous Count Program.

Jeremy Skeen: Responsible for the Special Count Program. Handles traffic data requests and scheduling Turning Movement counts.​

Please use the link below to access the traffic data: