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Traffic Engineering Division

Mission Statement:
To maximize safety, reliability, and accurate navigation of the highway system for all its users through a variety of proven and innovative traffic engineering methods and traffic control devices implemented with integrity and professionalism.

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Road Conditions (WV 511)
Roadside Memorials
Standard Details, Volume II (Signing, Signals, Lighting, Markings and ITS)​
Temporary Traffic Control Man​ual
TODS/LOGO Manual (For information, contact Josh Hemsworth at 1-304-414-7339)
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Traffic Engineering Directives (TEDs)
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Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Strategic Hig​hway Safety Plan 2022-202​6 (Current)
Strategic Highway Safety Plan 2017-2021

Traffic Services Section

The Traffic Services Section performs such duties as coordinating contract work or internal maintenance relating to traffic control and safety; planning specialized signing for safety initiatives, rerouting of major routes, or renaming of roadways; maintaining approved product lists for traffic control products; maintaining open-ended purchase orders for traffic control products; assisting in development and implementation of policies relating to traffic control devices; and operating of the Central Sign Shop and the Statewide and Expressway Sign Maintenance Crews.

Traffic Operations Sections

The Operations Section performs such duties as reviewing traffic impact studies; conducting traffic studies; answering phone calls from the general public; and establishing speed zones on state-maintained streets and highways.

ITS & Systems Management Section

The ITS & Systems Management Section performs such duties as implementation, oversight and maintenance of the Statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS); management and maintenance of the statewide traffic signal/systems program; oversight and maintenance of the statewide highway lighting program; management of the statewide LOGO signing program; specifications for electronic/electrical traffic control devices; and specifications and oversight of the statewide pavement marking program.

Traffic Safety Planning and Analysis Section

Traffic Safety Planning and Analysis Section performs such duties as management of the Highway Safety Improvement Program; chair of the WV Highway Safety Management Taskforce; development and implementation of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan; crash data management and analysis; large scale safety studies; and conducting routine, spot location, and intersection safety studies.

Design Section

The Design Section prepares plans, specifications and estimates for construction or renovation projects involving traffic signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, highway lighting, crash cushions, or other traffic control devices. This section also prepares plan sheets and quantity tables, and reviews temporary traffic control plans for inclusion in projects which are being managed by other divisions or by the districts. The Design Section maintains the division’s standards, such as the Temporary Traffic Control Manual; the Standard Details Book, Volume II; and the Sign Fabrication Manual. It also issues certain publications, such as the Sign Design Guide.

Outdoor Advertising/Salvage Yard Section

The Outdoor Advertising/Salvage Yard Section enforces federal and state statutes and regulations regarding the placement, appearance and physical characteristics of billboards and commercial signs along the State Highway System; issues licenses for outdoor advertising signs; and licenses and regulates salvage yards. In addition to the two employees in the Central Office of the Traffic Engineering Division, there are ten full-time field inspectors domiciled in each district and who report to the section head in Charleston.

Administrative Section

The Administrative Section performs such duties as overseeing administrative and support services of the division; developing and managing budgets; overseeing administrative functions relative to the ITS; overseeing administrative functions relative to the Outdoor Advertising and Salvage Yard Program; overseeing administrative functions relative to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System; assisting in the management and coordination of activities of the Traffic Services Complex; overseeing functions to inventories and the purchasing card; overseeing the division’s P-Card program; ensuring that all human resources functions are administered appropriately; determining need for training and managing all training activities; and overseeing the financial, accounting, payroll, labor reporting, expense accounts, telecommunications management, equipment reporting and record retention functions of the division.


Ted ​J. Whitmore, P.E.
Director, Traffic Engineering Division
West Virginia Division of Highways
Building 5, Room 550
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25305
(304) 414-7328 ​​​​