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Traffic Engineering Directives (TEDs)

The following is a list of available TED’s maintained by Traffic Engineering Division.​

Click the document icon in the Type column to open the Traffic Engineering Directive in PDF format.​​

Name TED Number Title Effective Date Comments
Category: 100s - General Traffic Engineering
TED101 101 Guidelines for Highway Lighting 10/1/1993 Comments
TED102-3 102-3 Roadway Lighting Design 2/10/1994 Comments
TED103-3 103-3 Preparation of Contract Sign Plans 2/10/1994 Comments
TED106-2 106-2 Procedure for Conducting Traffic Impact Studies 11/10/2010 Comments
Category: 200s - Signing
TED201 201 Warning Sign Location and Sight Distance Criteria 4/13/1994 Comments
TED202 202 Boundary Line Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED203 203 Criteria for Intersection Warning Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED204 204 Public Service Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED206 206 Emergency Identification Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED207-3 207-3 County Road Name and Destination Signing 1/14/1999 Comments
TED207-3 207-3 County Road Name and Destination Signing 1/14/1999 Comments
TED208 208 Holiday Rest Stop Signing 10/1/1993 Comments
TED209 209 A Policy for Supplemental Guide Signing On The Non- Expressway Roadway System 10/1/1993 Comments
TED210 210 Signing for Pedestrian, Horse and Bicycle Routes and Crossings on State Highways 7/22/1996 Comments
TED211 211 Directional Signing to Publicly Owned Recreational Areas 10/1/1993 Comments
TED212 212 Police Agency Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED213 213 Signing for Private, Residential and Commercial Driveway Approaches 10/1/1993 Comments
TED215 215 Deer Crossing Signs 10/1/1993 Comments
TED218 218 Motorist Services Signing (Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping, Hospital) On West Virginia Highways 10/1/1993 Comments
TED219 219 Signing for Travel Information Centers 10/1/1993 Comments
TED220 220 Control and Intermediate Destinations for Guide Signing on Interstate, US, and WV Numbered Highways 10/1/1993 Comments
TED222-1 222-1 Sign Fabrication 2/17/1995 Comments
TED223 223 Identification Code on Signs Fabricated by WVDOH and/or Prison Industries 3/2/2000 Comments
TED225 225 "Children at Play" Signing 1/25/1999 Comments
TED226 226 Location and Installation of Historical Markers 6/23/2000 Comments
TED228 228 Stop Signs at Rail-Highway Grade Crossings 5/5/2000 Comments
TED229 229 Guidelines for Installation of Supplemental Directional Signs for Museums 4/30/2001 Comments
Category: 300s - Marking
TED301-3 301-3 Centerline, Edgeline and Laneline Markings 1/14/2004 Comments
TED302-2 302-2 Pedestrian Crosswalks and Pedestrian Crossings 3/14/2011 Comments
TED304 304 Warrants for the Installation of Type P-2 Pavement Markers 9/9/2008 Comments
Category: 400s - Traffic
TED401-2 401-2 Ground Survey Required for Traffic Signal Design 8/4/2000 Comments
TED402-4 402-4 Typical Placement of Traffic Signal Faces for Various Intersection Configurations 3/10/2011 Comments
TED403-2 403-2 Design Criteria for Strain Pole Traffic Signal Supports 2/10/2004 Comments
TED404-3 404-3 Location of Traffic Signal Supports 4/1/1995 Comments
TED405 405 Flashing Operation of Traffic Signal Controls 10/1/1993 Comments
TED407 407 Activation of New Traffic Signals 12/22/2000 Comments
Category: 600s - Traffic Control
TED601-4 601-4 Preparation of Maintenance of Traffic Plans 10/26/2005 Comments
TED604 604 Traffic Director: Guidance for Inclusion within Traffic Control Plans 7/30/2004 Comments
Category: 700s - School Traffic Control
TED701-2 701-2 School Area Traffic Control 8/14/2003 Comments