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Stakeholders and the Public

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Stakeholder and Public EngagementUpdated on September 22​​, 2021

Stakeholder and Public Engagement is occurring throughout the pl​an process through a variety of outreach opportunities. Engagement helps ensure that the Plan is transparent and accessible to stakeholders, residents, and businesses and enables input that can steer plan outcomes.
More information about the overall Plan purpose and approach is available here.

Interested members of the public can review factsheets and reports at any time and submit comments and questions to​. If you are interested in being included in a email list to receive notification of new content posted to the website and engagement opportunities, please provide your contact information through this address.

Outreach opportunities have remained virtual through the duration of the process. So stakeholders and the public can access virtual meeting content, we have posted meeting presentations from our four rounds of stakeholder meetings. These meetings were with the 2050 LRTP Leadership Team (made up of leaders across each WVDOT agency) and the 2050 LRTP Policy and Technical Team (made up of subject matter experts within West Virginia state government, Federal partners, and regional partners). Both of these teams helped steer plan development and recommendations.

On June 15th, 2021, WVDOT hosted two virtual public meetings where the plan process, key findings, and next steps were shared with attendees. Participants were able to submit comments and questions and receive answers from the WVDOT project team. The virtual public meeting presentation and meeting recording are available here.