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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure
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The Division, in accordance with our organizational chart, is structured into four general areas: Executive level, Administrative Area, Lab Testing and Source Approval Area, and Policy and Material Certification Area.

The Division Executive level consists of the Division Director Ron Stanevich, P. E., Administrative Secretary Lori Davis, three Assistant Directors and two clerical staff positions.

Director: Ron Stanevich
Phone: 304-414-6659

Administrative Secretary: Lori Davis
Phone: 304-414-6434

The Administrative Area is supervised by Assistant Director Stefanie Elliott and handles accounting, purchasing, training, equipment, consulting and personnel issues.

Assistant Director: Stefanie Elliott
Phone: 304-414-6620

Lab Testing and Source Approval Area is supervised by Assistant Director Mike Mance and manages the Division's five laboratories specializing in the following sections: Asphalt, Cement & Concrete, Aggregate & Soils, Environmental & Coatings, and Metals

Assistant Director: Mike Mance
Phone: 304-414-6633
The Policy and Material Certification Area is supervised by Assistant Director Dan Brayack and manages the certification of materials, laboratory support staff, and roadway analysis and evaluation.
Assistant Director: Dan Brayack
Phone: 304-414-6610

​The following Chart is the current Organization Chart for Materials Division.
Materials Organization Chart
The following is a brief description of each Section here at Materials Division. For a more detailed description of the Section, including a summary of the Section’s responsibilities, person​nel, and contact information, click on the link below the Section Title.

Aggregate and Soils Section 
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Supervisor: Thomas Ross
Phone: 304-399-0089
This section maintains the approved source listings, performs aggregates and soils testing at Division level, reviews the District laboratories for conformance to minimum required standards, and reviews District and contractor’s testing procedures and documentation.

Asphalt Section
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Supervisor: Shawn Jack
Phone: 304-414-6605

The Asphalt Section at the Materials Control, Soils, and Testing Division is committed to ensuring that only quality asphalt products are used in constructing and maintaining our highways for the citizens of West Virginia. We will be proactive in maintaining and developing education, testing, inspection, and quality assurance programs that use the latest processes and technology that meet State and Federal specifications.

Cement and Concrete Section
Supervisor: Suman Thapa, P. E.
Phone: 304-414-6662

The primary responsibility of the Cement and Concrete is the quality assurance of cement and concrete related materials that are used in highway construction projects. The cement and concrete group can roughly be separated into three main areas. The first main area deals with the approval of prestressed and precast concrete items. The second main area deals with the quality assurance of ready-mix concrete, its components, and personnel. The third main area covers various miscellaneous materials and duties. This Group maintains an accredited Cement and Concrete laboratory.

Environmental and Coatings Section
Supervisor: Chris Preston, P. E.
Phone: 304-414-6647

The Environmental and Coatings Section consists of three subgroups: Coatings Subgroup, Chemical Laboratory Subgroup, and Environmental Site Investigation Subgroup. The primary function of the Coatings Subgroup is to conduct chemical and physical testing on paint samples, review quality control plans, and handle coatings issues. The Chemical Laboratory Subgroup primarily conducts chemical analysis on metals, various types of cement, fly ash, slag, and chloride samples. The Environmental Site Investigation Subgroup is responsible for conducting environmental site investigations at the WVDOH maintenance facilities to determine the extent of contamination at the sites.

Materials Control Section
Supervisor: Amy Taylor
Phone: 304-414-7109

​This section reviews contract material acceptance and is responsible for the final materials certifications on all projects. This section also provides technical support for the Division's materials management system. 
Metals Section
Supervisor: George Hanna, P. E.
Phone: 304-414-6626

The primary objective of the Metals Section is to assure the quality of all metallic products that are to be incorporated into West Virginia’s roads and bridges. Some examples of these metallic products include structural steel, sign structures, lighting structures, fasteners, and guardrail. This is accomplished mainly through inspection at the source of fabrication. The metals section is also responsible for ensuring that all field welders are qualified to weld in accordance with current appropriate welding specifications.This section maintains a fully equipped Metals Laboratory and Welding Laboratory.

Pavement Analysis & Evaluation Section
Supervisor: Vince Allison
Phone: 304-414-6604

The Pavement Analysis & Evaluation Section at Materials Control, Soils & Testing serves as a technical resource to the Districts and other Divisions in all things pavement. Our focus is on Design, Construction, and Preservation of pavements in an effort to have our pavements last longer. This is achieved through education, research, quality control, and innovation.

Lab Support Section
Supervisor: Dan Brayack
Phone: 304-414-6610

The Lab Support Section provides a variety of services for the Materials Control, Soils and Testing Division that do not intuitively fall in another group in the Division’s organization chart. These services include, but are not limited to: overseeing the purchasing, repair and calibration of testing equipment, overseeing the receiving and processing of material sampling and testing, processing new material for approval and use and overseeing the Division's laboratory accrediation.

Traffic Certification Section
Supervisor: Gary Mullins
Phone: 304-205-6983
The Traffic Certification Section provides technical guidance and material review for all traffic and electrical materials on construction projects.

 Equipment Section
Supervisor: Greg H​​udson
Phone: 304-414-6627

The Equipment Section is responsible for maintaining a reliable fleet of equipment used to conduct the work by both MCS&T Division and our neighbors, the Sign Shop. This involves providing direct equipment maintenance service, minor and major repairs as well as the responsibility for coordinating the purchase of all parts and supplies.

Payroll, Personnel And Training Section
Supervisor: Stefanie Elliott
Phone: 304-414-6620

The Payroll, Personnel, and Training Section of the MCS & T Division is responsible for all payroll/personnel functions associated with: interviewing and hiring, maintaining personnel files, leave donations, worker's compensation, time entry and payroll for the Division. This section is also charged with receptionist duties, preparing travel requests and expense reimbursements, preparing the training budget, coordinating training for Transportation Engineering Technicians, DOT Supervisor training, Brim Driver's Training and oversees the Technician and Certification Program.

Purchasing and Building & Grounds Section
Supervisor: Vacant

This section is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the facility and grounds, including janitorial services, ordering supplies and equipment for the Division and its materials testing labs, as well as the materials testing labs for the Ten Districts. This requires stocking and maintaining the Division's storeroom, reviewing contracts and initiating contracts for services and products, as well as agreements for routine maintenance of the scientific equipment for the Division and the Districts. This section is charged with processing bills and utilities for payment, payment of consultant invoices, and preparing BF-98s for special projects which this Division generates, receiving and distributing incoming mail and interdepartmental mail, and running the gashouse for the facility.