West Virginia Parkways Authority

Employment Application

 Application Instructions

  1. Click “Continue" on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (pop-up at the bottom of the application).
  2. A new banner comes up at the bottom of the application, stating “Do not submit if you don't trust the requesting party…" – Do NOT click “Submit" until your application is filled out. Clicking this button before you fill out your application will just submit a blank form.
  3. A second pop-up comes up letting you know you can save your progress to continue later, just click the “X" at the top right of the box to close the pop-​up and continue your application.
  4. If you need to save your application to complete later, click “Options" at the top left of the application and choose “Save progress".
  5. To clear the form and start over, click “Options" at the top left of the application and choose “Clear document data".
  6. Fill out the application, type your name in the signature field at the bottom, then click “Submit" on the banner at the bottom (mentioned in Step 2).
  7. Enter your name and e-mail on the next pop-up and click “Submit" to verify your identity. You will get an e-mail verification link that you must click for the application to be accepted.
  8. Look for an e-mail from “Adobe Sign" and click the link that says “Confirm my email address" to verify your identity.
  9. You're all done! Your application will be submitted to the HR Department and you will get a copy of your submission via e-mail (it will come from WV Parkways Authority and/or Adobe Sign).
  10. The copy of your submission that gets e-mailed to you will have a notice that says "For additional security, the sender has set an open password for this document. You will need to contact Kelsey Jenkins to get the password in order to view this attachment". - You don't need to worry about this, the password is only for our HR Department to access your application. No further action is required on your part.

Thank you for your interest in joining the West Virginia Parkways Authority,
We look forward to receiving your application!