West Virginia Parkways Authority

Safety Services

24/7 Assistance is available by calling *SP, (*77), on your cellular phone.
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WV State Police Officers

West Virginia State Police Units are assigned to the West Virginia Turnpike 24-hours a day/7 day a week.  These Troopers respond to all traffic accidents, and each are trained in CPR, First Aid and carry-on board their cruisers an Automated External Defibrillation Unit.

Public Service Commission

Public Service Commission Enforcement Officers are assigned to the WV Turnpike to enforce safety regulations on commercial motor vehicles operated on the West Virginia Turnpike. These officers also address high commercial vehicle accident areas, inspect commercial vehicles and buses on a routine basis throughout the WV Turnpike and enforce compliance of the U.S. Department of Transportation safety regulations adopted by the WV Public Service Commission.

WV Parkways Safety Officers

The West Virginia Parkways safety officers are responsible for ensuring the safe and effective operation of all areas and facilities within the WV Turnpike organization. The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations, developing measures to assure the safety of Parkways personnel as well as travelers.

WV Turnpike Courtesy Patrol

The West Virginia Turnpike Courtesy Patrol is a free service offered to all motorists traveling the entire 88-mile stretch of the Turnpi​ke, from Charleston to Princeton. Coverage hours are 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a yea​r. It provides limited roadside assistance to drivers in need, including, changing flat tires, calling tow trucks, jump-starting vehicles, providing a small amount of gasoline, and making small safety repairs.

Safety Enhancements

  • Variable Message Signs are located along the Turnpike to warn motorists of potential delays due to accidents, weather conditions, construction zones or heavy traffic.  They are located as follows:  Southbound:  Milepost 94, 86, 84, 82, 76, 36 and 26; Northbound:  Milepost 11, 59, 68 and 76. 
  • Speed Monitoring awareness radar trailers are used to remind motorist of their speed.
  • Warning Strips Rumble strips and snaps are located on 100% of the roadway to assist with preventing motorist from being involved in a potential run off the road accident.
  • 8" Edge Lines are used along the roadway instead of the required 4" lines to enhance the travel lane for the safety of the motorist.
  • Safe Phone Zones are located at each travel plaza and the welcome center located off exit #9 on the West Virginia Turnpike, where drivers can stop to use their mobile devices safely while traveling the Turnpike. ​