West Virginia Parkways Authority

Meeting Dates and Agendas



This is to advise that a meeting of the Facilities Committee has been scheduled as follows:

DATE: Thursday, April 15, 2021

TIME: 1:00 P.M.

LOCATION: Tamarack Conference Center

                        One Tamarack Park

                        Beckley, West Virginia 25801

PURPOSE: Approval of meeting minutes of the June 6, 2019 Facilities Committee; Update, discussion and/or decision(s) on the following: A. WVPA Travel Plazas: 1) HMS Host-Travel Plaza Restaurant Operator-Contract Expiration 12/31/2021; 2) Beckley Travel Plaza Reconstruction; 3) Tamarack Warehouse; and, 4) Presentation by Warcaba & Associates, Inc.; B. Parkways Toll Collection System Upgrade RFI Update; C. 10-Year Plan Presentation; and, D. The installation by WVDOH of two (2) charging stations at a site at Tamarack. The cost will be absorbed by WVDOH and the stations will be maintained by a vendor to WVDOH. WVDOH wants a lease of the site from WVPA. Details of the lease and the arrangement with the vendor are not yet known.

The Committee reserves the right to vote to go into Executive Session for appropriate and lawful reasons upon proper motion and vote. (The agenda for this meeting will be available three days in advance by calling 304-926-1900 or at the website www.wvturnpike.com; items of business may be added to the agenda up to 48 hours prior to the date of meeting).

Meeting Agenda