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It is important to perform all procedures associated with sampling, testing, reporting, and inspection appropriately in order to maintain a reliable quality assurance system. This is accomplished by use of Division approved Material Procedures (MP’s). The following is a list of MP’s currently used by WVDOH.

This page is organized by MP Number

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Procedure for Evaluation of New Products for Use In Highway Construction 

November 2016

HL_468  Excel Form for submission  


West Virginia Acceptance Plan "A" Method of Estimating Percentage of Material of Construction That Will Fall Within Specification Limits 

January 1995 



General Information Guide for Quality Assurance Testing
Revised August 2008
 - Soon to be Updated.  See the Technician 
and Inspector Web Page
 for more Information.

In Committee

 106.03.51 Policy for Materials Certifications Reciprocity and Apprentice Certification  
(Fillable Submission Form Attachment) - pdf
Sept 2018


Determination Criteria for Monitoring Ground Vibrations in Residential Areas 

April 2007 



Method of Test for Determining Photometric Requirements of Hazard Warning Lights 

January 1995 


Procedure for Determining Specification Compliance of Hazard Warning Lights 



Standard Method of Test for Determining Specific Intensity and Specific Brightness of Reflex Reflectors and Delineators 

January 1995 


Basis for Charges for Additional Testing 

April 2000