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It is important to perform all procedures associated with sampling, testing, reporting, and inspection appropriately in order to maintain a reliable quality assurance system. This is accomplished by use of Division approved Material Procedures (MP’s). The following is a list of MP’s currently used by WVDOH.

This page is organized by MP Number

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Procedural Guidelines for Maintaining Control Charts for Aggregate Gradation 

February 2001 


Method of Test for Determining "R" Value and Cohesiometer Value of Asphalt Emulsion or Cutback of Asphalt Primer on Treated Base Course (Cold Mix) 

January 1995 


Use of Job Mix Chart to Adjust Bitumen Content of Bituminous Treated Aggregate Base Course 

January 1995 


Method of Test for Determination of "R" Value, Bulk Specific Gravity Cohesion, Maximum Specific Gravity and Air Void Value of Bituminous Treated Base Course (Hot Mix and Cold Mix) 

January 1995 



Guide for Quality Control and Acceptance Plans for Base Course 

April 2010