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The Route - Bismarck to Forman


In October 2010 the WVDOH opened Corridor H from Knobley Road (Grant CR 3) to Moorefield. A 5.3-mile section from Knobley Road to WV 93 opened to traffic in late 2012 and with the opening in November 2013 of the remaining 4.05 miles from Knobley Road to Bismarck, the Bismarck to Forman section of Corridor H is complete.

This map is not to scale nor is it an accurate geographic representation of the area. This graphic is for planning and public information purposes only. Distances area approximated to the nearest alignment point.

The above graphic is a portion of the whole map. Please click here to view the entire map at full-size (135k).

1. Elkins to Kerens
2. Kerens to Parsons
3. Parsons to Davis
4. Davis to Bismark
5. Bismark to Forman
6. Forman to Moorefield
7. Moorefiled to Baker
8. Baker to Wardensville
9. Wardensville to Virginia

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