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The Route - Wardensville to Virginia

​​​Update: 09/13/23​​

Corridor H - Wardensville to VA Line Public M​eeting​​

​​Thursday, September 21, 2023
War Memorial Building, 190 Main Street
Wardensville, Hardy County WV
5:00 to 8:00 P.M.​

April – September 2019 Status:

The Federal Highway Administration approved the Amended Record of Decision on the 6.8-mile section of Corridor H in Hardy County connecting Wardensville to the Virginia state line May 16, 2003. A copy of the following documents can be downloaded here:
1992 Corridor Selection Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
1993 Corridor Selection DEIS Decision Document
1994 Alignment Selection Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (ASDEIS)
1996 Final Environmental Impact Statement
       Volume I - Narrative
       Volume II - Tables, Exhibits, Figures &; Appendices
       Volume III - Mitigation Document
1996  Record of Decision
2000 Settlement Agreement
2003 Amended Record of Decision
2022 Historic Resources Report​
2022 SHPO Response​
Wardensville DOE Report 09/20/2023​
Core Boring Activities Non-USFS Property 02/13/2023 
Core Boring Activities USFS Property 01/18/2024​​​

​Fin​al design of this segment through Hardy County is anticipated to begin in 2020. Construction tentatively is scheduled to begin in 2024​.

Wardensville-VA_Mtg Display_Sept2023.jpg

This map is not to scale nor is it an accurate geographic representation of the area. This graphic is for planning and public information purposes only. Distances area approximated to the nearest alignment point.

 Please click here for a PDF of the Map (4 MB).

1. Elkins to Kerens
2. Kerens to Parsons
3. Parsons to Davis
4. Davis to Bismark
5. Bismark to Forman
6. Forman to Moorefield
7. Moorefiled to Baker
8. Baker to Wardensville
9. Wardensville to Virginia

If you would like a very detailed description of a certain area, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with that information.​​​​​​​​​