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The Division of Highways is responsible for planning, engineering, right-of-ways acquisition, construction, reconstruction, traffic regulation and maintenance of more than 35,000 miles of state roads. Additional duties include highway research, outdoor advertising contiguous to state roads, roadside development, safety and weight enforcement and dissemination of highway information.


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Traversing mountains, valleys, wild rivers, and rolling countryside, the roadways maintained by the Division of Highways include:
38,770 miles of public roads (2016 Public Certified Mileage)

34,691 miles of state owned highways, 835 miles of federally owned roads, and 3,244 miles of municipally owned roads

555 miles of State owned Interstate Highway

87 miles of West Virginia Turnpike

1,988 miles included in the National Highway System, 23 miles of which are connectors to other modes of transportation such as airports, trains and buses

6,958 bridges of which 33 percent are more than 100 feet in length

1 All American Road, 5 National Byways, 14 State Byways and 8 Backways.

The more than 4,800 men and women of the Division of Highways (DOH) are proud to preserve the quality and integrity of this world-class mountain transportation system.​​​​